The season when Americans promise to move to Canada

As some may have already realized, there has been a big phenomena that has evolved over the years that, when election season hits America, it brings countless pledges from U.S. citizens who swear that, if their preferred candidate loses, they will move to Canada.

While studies have shown that the actual amount of people who do truly pick up and leave America for Canada based on election results is negligible, the practice has grown into sort of a tradition among many (often liberal Democrats) who vow to leave their home country for what they describe as a more liberal-leaning Canada should should a more “hawkish and conservative” Republican claim the presidency. In fact, the practice has grown so common that respected journalist Max Fisher, the foreign affairs blogger for the Washington Post, tackled the story in a post on the site’s blog.

The piece is a great read as Fisher addresses the issue, comes back with some hard facts regarding the actual immigration numbers (about 9,000 people move to Canada from the U.S. every year, many more people actually move from Canada the US, etc.) and asks Canadians how they personally feel about the practice.

My personal belief is that they would not particularly love it. American liberals constantly threatening to use Canada as their “backup plan” doesn’t exactly inspire patriotic pride and the fact that these voters continually seem to make the same empty threats every four years if they don’t get their way would not seem to provide the type of citizen that native Canadians would, or should, welcome.

The thought here is that these people should stop the childish threats and instead work on making their their country the best it can be regardless of which party is holding office.

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Will big businesses continue moving to the UK from the USA?

In January, when Aon Corp. made the major announcement that their corporate headquarters would be moving to the UK from the USA, their statement said: “The move provides greater access to emerging markets and takes better advantage of the strategic proximity to Lloyd’s and the London market as one of the key international hubs of insurance and risk brokerage.” However, as 2012 has passed by there are people speculating that, in truth, the move was to avoid paying the almost 40% corporate tax rate (the highest in the world) that the USA requires.

Such speculation has intensified as two other corporate powerhouses have declared their intentions to relocate from the USA as well: electrical equipment maker Eaton Corporation is planning on finishing off a merger that would land it in Ireland instead of Ohio and Pentair, the water technology company, recently made the move from Minneapolis to Switzerland.

While there are other reasons being listed for the moves of these companies, tax laws seem to be the common thread in all three cases and experts have pretty much universally agreed that this was the overriding motivation for relocation in each occurrence.

The question now becomes whether this trend, disturbing as it might be to the US financial community, will persist. There continues to be calls to reform the tax codes of America and, without doing so, many professionals believe that this trend will indeed keep up and that major corporations will pursue the possibility of fleeing America for the potential to save up to several million dollars in taxes by relocating to places such as the UK. As the United States Presidential election draws upon us and the economy continues to be one of the biggest concerns (if not the biggest) among voters, the pressure will only be turned up on decision makers to lower these corporate tax requirements by at least 15% and to make the final amounts more competitive with the rest of the world.

It would appear that, as the pundits have suspected, whichever Presidential candidate chooses to embrace the potential of tax reform stands to get a very big leg up on the coming race.

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Voters threaten to move to Italy from the USA if Romney wins

As the American Presidential election draws ever closer and the polls continue to show a neck and neck race that could go down to the wire, it appears that certain fans of President Obama are growing more and more concerned about the chances of him not being reelected and have begun to take to Twitter to announce possible actions that they will take should this occur. One of the more popular threats thrown around has been these voters intentions to move to Italy from the USA if Mitt Romney is elected (“I’m moving to Italy if Romney win; Italian men love black girls,” wrote illest ice@iamDynastyCold) and, while this has been one of the more commonly proposed landing spots it was not the only one. Others included New Zealand, Mexico, Australia and even Cuba (e.g. “If romney wins & is as horrible a he appears now… Deport me back to cuba… Ill call them myself.”).

However, a mass exodus from the US is not the only threat being bandied about. Others contained rioting and even violence. Some of the more disturbing of these messages included the following: “I Heard Mitt Romney , Tryna Take Away Food Stamps , If He Do .’IMA START A RIOT , IMA START A RIOT’” from Tommy Pickles@ThugPickles and “I want to shoot Romney in the penis. Why do we let him talk? If he wins I’m moving to New Zealand.” from Rafiki the Ukulele@lovingschneider.

While the vast majority of people have written off these countless posts that have hit the Twitter sphere as harmless threats from some frustrated voters the truth is that these are dangerous precedents being set that should have the rest of us fair minded American citizens very concerned, regardless of political leanings.

One of Americas finest characteristics is the right it gives its citizens to vote for the leader of our country in a fair and democratic way. The mindless threats being callously thrown about by these hooligans does nothing but undermine all the rights of freedom that America was founded upon and stands for. While these folks think they are doing what is right for the country, in reality they are smearing the country’s reputation and putting the notion in the minds of people around the globe that US citizens get what they want or they throw a tantrum.

This is not what America is about. This is one of the greatest countries in the world and if these people truly do intend to take matters into their own hands should things not go their way then I suggest they do indeed move to Italy, Scotland, Canada or any of the other places mentioned regardless of how the election turns out. These people do not represent the real America anyway.

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New laws could force WWII vets to move back to Germany from the USA

As world travel gets easier and the barriers of relocating from one country to another continue to decrease, America and Germany continue to be two of the countries most frequently involved in citizen swaps. In fact, the amount of people moving to Germany from the USA and, in return, from Germany to the United States has surged at a rapid pace. It now appears, however, that there will be many new forced immigrations as well.

That was the word out of Germany as news spread that the standard for trying potential criminals of war-crimes has been lowered and that the country would therefore step up efforts to force suspects to leave their homes in America to come and stand trial in Germany.

The change resulted from the successful prosecution of John Demjanjuk over one year ago that charged him as an accessory to murder in almost 30,000 cases stemming from the Second World War. Demjanjuk lived in the USA but was charged in court in Munich. He was a guard at one of the infamous death camps of Poland and, as many have over the years, escaped prosecution on the basis of his claims that he never actually committed the murders but was just “working” at the camp.

This has been a common story over the decades. However, as authorities have learned more about the war and the way that these common “workers” also very likely had a helping hand in the brutal murder of millions of people they have been able to prosecute defendants without having to tie them to specific crimes.

Another high profile case, being investigated against Johann “Hans” Breyer of Northeast Philadelphia, has also gained global attention. Breyer has long claimed that his job in the camps did not involve any illegal activity and, in fact, a federal court ruled several years ago that he could remain in the U.S. However, the case of Demjanjuk has reopened the case and Breyer, 87 years old, is again being pursued.

While the constant moving back and forth of Germans and Americans has been an extremely positive development over the decades since the end of the war, it is good to see the German authorities not resting on these laurels and willing to push the issue while knowing that this could strain the relations of the two countries. It has been proven again and again that even workers with supposedly legal jobs at the camps often rotated duties with some of the other overtly violent workers and that very rarely was there someone on the premises of the death camps without blood on their hands.

Let’s hope that the German Nazi hunters continue their thorough pursuit of these alleged perpetrators and that friendly relations and back and forth transfers will not cease between Germany and the USA as a result.

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Job issue could impact whether people decide to move to the USA

As the American Presidential election grows closer and with statistics for the country’s latest employment numbers being released, many people who will not even be involved in the upcoming election were weighting in on the most recent results – the people who have been on the fence about taking that big step and moving to the USA.

Potential immigrants, their future impact on the country often overlooked at this juncture of election years, have been abuzz about the big employment news announced by President Obama, which said that unemployment is at its lowest level since he took office. Republican nominee Mitt Romney responded to the announcement by reminding everyone that unemployment had been above eight percent for almost four years and that the latest numbers, while an overall improvement, are nowhere near where the American public needs the final job creation sums to be.

All of this brings us back to foreigners who are still considering moving to the USA and using the economy and employment as a very large factor as to whether they ultimately make the move, stay put or, perhaps, even immigrate to a different country.

While the consensus of foreigners opinions on the issue still seems to be left up for debate, no one should underestimate the impact that this will have on the country’s future. Remember, these are people who potentially constitute a good portion of the voting public in four years. Although their votes are not relevant now, they will be in 2016 and beyond and citizens must not forget this. As the coming election roars forward and gets ready to make its mark on America’s history, how outsiders view the current shape of our economy must be evaluated and pondered as down the line it will have a direct bearing on the path our financial community takes.

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Perhaps the biggest name yet to be relocating to Australia

While relocating to Australia from all parts of the world continues to soar in popularity, it appears that arguably the biggest name yet has just only now announced that he plans to jump on the bandwagon and move to Oz. That seemed to be the worldwide consensus as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak stated that he plans to be living in the Land Down Under by 2014.

Wozniak famously started Apple, the world’s most financially successful company, with Steve Jobs who died in 2011. After leaving the company 25 years ago he now spends most of his time as a public speaker traveling the world and providing tips and encouragement to people around the globe.

While immigration officials are hesitant to ever place too much importance on the immigration of any one individual, this appears to be an exception as Australia’s financial leaders were communicating non-stop on Wozniak’s potential impact to the country’s economy in general, and start-up community in particular. Aside from the direct influence he could have, corporate bigwigs are equally excited about his history of positive impact on work culture where he has always stressed the importance of opening company internal communications and has helped encourage businesses to invest in their employees technological ideas that are created on their own time.

It is this last idea that has corporate heads most excited. CEO’s in Australia have been longing for motivating factors to lure top level talent to their companies. This is one of the areas where many of America’s top companies have thrived at and it has helped enable them to reach the lofty heights that they have. The possibility of someone like Steve Wozniak importing a similar culture to local companies and letting employees know that their innovations will be encouraged and, perhaps, even financed, could be the game changing event that allows Australian companies to both recruit top global level talent and keep them for the long term as well.

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Assassination attempt may force retired General to relocate to India

It looks as if retired Lt. General KS Brar may be following the recent wave of people in permanently relocating to India. However, Brar’s possible move would be coming more out of security and necessity than choice.

That was the one of the rumors being brandied about in the wake of the attempted assassination of Brar in London, England.

Brar, who was the leader of the world famous Operation Bluestar against Sikh militants in 1984, has been on the hit list of violent Khalistani groups since the early 1980′s and is no stranger to threats on his life. This is probably one of the reasons he and his wife Meena have come out defiantly against the proposed move and have insisted that they will not allow the continued threats to dictate where they will be living. As Meena put it: “That (threat) is always there and will be there. That doesn’t really matter.”

As brave and, some would say, foolish as the couples statements have sounded, you can be assured that the choice will not be theirs alone. Brar is a very public figure and his security has and will continue to be at the top of country’s priorities. No amount of bravado and showmanship will change that.

It will now be up to Brar and his wife to make the very public decision of where they will be spending the next (at least) several years of their lives and it would be very wise of them to listen to officials who fear for their lives and are looking to protect them from the countless militants who continually seek their demise.

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The impact of Israeli shipping on its history

As the Middle East and the rest of the free world continues to deal with the reality of the possibility of Iran ultimately acquiring nuclear weapons, there is a fascinating article recently published that tells of the similarities between Israel’s current crisis and the one that occurred 45 years ago that ended with the country’s unlikely victory in the battle known as the Six Day War, with the biggest factors of both being the enemy’s actions effecting Israeli shipping and the acts that did and, possibly, will finally pull the trigger towards war.

Robert Werdine, from Michigan City, Indiana, wrote the piece and it is absolutely required reading for anyone who would like to know the true facts of what lead Israel to war with all of its Arab “neighbors” in 1967 and how those same facts could lead her down the same road today vs. Iran.

He talks of the various thoughts being floated about of how the closure of the Straits of Tiran was not necessarily an event that should have brought about a declaration of war and that suggest that Israel needlessly provoked the battle when other, more viable solutions were available.

Werdine, through a thoroughly factual and historical account of the events of almost five decades ago, easily debunks these popular myths and makes it very clear that what Israel was fighting for then, as well as now, is nothing less then her survival.

Whether it was via the various Arab countries of the 1960′s or Iran and her partners in attempted destruction today, the closure of Israel’s major shipping paths presents no intention other than to help bring about the end of the tiny country’s existence. It is only the many anti-Semites of the world and their willing believers who help to perpetuate these lies and historical distortion of facts that help to advance these fictional stories, such as the suggestion that interfering with Israel’s shipping waters is but a “low level” act that should not warrant such a “disproportional” response.

This is nonsense. Israel’s right to act against its aggressors is something that should be encouraged and commended and Werdine’s piece does a great job of helping to clarify this point to everyone. gets you the best price when shipping to or from Israel.


Big news in the Canadian shipping industry

There has been a big upgrade in the Canadian shipping industry as Canadian Pacific Rail, one of the country’s largest shipping companies, announced that shipping times from Vancouver to Toronto, as well as times from Vancouver to Chicago, will be drastically reduced.

Shipping times from Vancouver to Chicago will be sliced from six days total to four days while times from Vancouver to Toronto will decrease from five days to four. The drastic improvement comes almost half a year after Pershing Square Capital Management LP CEO Bill Ackman helped remove CP Rail’s CEO Fred Green and declared that the company’s freight shipping would evolve into one of the best in the world.

The upgrade focuses mainly on Canadian Pacific’s transportation sector involving more than one form of carrier and is being accomplished by making fewer stops on shipping routes to be able to save in costs and becoming almost fifty percent faster than their biggest competitors.

The move underscores the massive comeback in popularity of the North American freight shipping business and attempts to have the industry ready to go full force as demand has risen and changes throughout the shipping infrastructure continue to take shape.

Everything seems to be falling into place for the Canadian shipping world and commercial trade appears poised to roll into 2013 ready to meet the highest expected demand in years.

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Tips from a corporate woman who moved her family to America from the UK and back again

As advances in technology continue to make the world appear to shrink and with corporate global relocating for individuals becoming more and more common, many people have begun to feel lost and alone when being put in such a situation and having to move themselves and their families across the world to a different country. To help people deal with such situations there was a great article published this week at Forbes of an interview conducted by Jenna Goudreau with Debbie White, who tells the story of her and her family moving to America from the UK for professional reasons and then returning to England after an even better opportunity arose.

White, 50, a native of England who grew up in the UK, has worked for several years for business and personal services giant Sodexo and four years ago was offered the CFO position for the companies’ North American division in Maryland. After making the difficult decision to move she was then offered the CEO position in England and the whole clan recently re-relocated.

White’s story is such an inspirational one in that she was able to navigate both moves while juggling such various factors as her husband’s career and the lives of three young children. These have been challenges that too many people have had to struggle with as they try to, often unsuccessfully, move their lives to a different culture.

White gives tips on how to handle bringing up the news with your family, minimizing the negative effects that it could have and ultimately thriving while seemingly jumping from one part of the world to another. Factors such as schooling, dealing with new friends and blending in to a new society are tackled with honesty and candidness and there have already been a large number of readers who have cited the article as bringing down the anxiety level of both them and their families when making such a drastic move.

While not everyone will find themselves in the promising financial situation that White’s occupation seems to provide her, the methods she uses to help her through these major moves in her life, as well as the positive perspective that she is able to provide, should prove to be extremely useful information for people in any financial bracket considering making a country to country move. It is highly recommended that anyone in a similar situation read the whole interview from the beginning and take advantage of the experiences that is shared with readers. Enjoy.

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