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About Us will find you the lowest quote on shipping your items to or from the USA. This site should be found as a service to those wishing to make the move to the United States of America and for those leaving America to head overseas. The site helps people save time trying to find a low priced shipping quote and removes one of the stresses involved with partaking in such a move.

Save time and money. only works with reliable, dependable, reputable, and fully bonded moving and shipping companies.

A complete resource when moving to or from the USA. provides the most thorough, easy to use shipping to the USA resource center on the Internet when moving to or from the USA. Whether you are looking to save time and money with our services or get information and support on the moving process from our vast array of resources, is the site for you.

We appreciate you writing us regarding any experiences you have had while moving to or from the USA. If you have used this site before and have comments, good or bad, regarding the service you received, we would like to hear that as well. We make every effort to ensure our site is a time saving and user friendly resource for our visitors. Any input that can help us achieve a high level of visitor satisfaction will be greatly appreciated.
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I'm Moving To USA!
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